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Creating a space for Seasonal celebrations…Nature Tables 101

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Creating a space for those found treasured wonders from nature is a moment in time where we can express the seasonal changes and give it expression in our homes. Always thanking the earth for these nature gifts. As you pass by your created altar or seasonal table throughout the day it invokes a connection to the natural world that we are part of.

Children so deeply connect with the rhythms of the seasons and the opportunity to share in various festivals and their meanings, is a great way to embrace your child’s natural desire for connection. You can celebrate any sort of festival.

Not unlike a spiritual altar these spaces can be in a corner of your home a shelf or a centerpiece for a story or a celebration shared with food. The possibilities are endless.

We are currently preparing space for the Chinese Lunar New Year with felted lanterns and a dragon.

You’re the artistic director. Create!

Here are some things you can start to gather for your space.

Live plants and flowers

Seasonal artwork and created cards

Play-silks and cloths and wool


Shells, stones and crystals

Branches in a vase as a centerpiece

Bowl to hold found treasures

Beeswax candle for story-time

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