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Window Transparency Hearts

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Let's make something fun! All you need are 2 pieces of red, pink or purple kite paper in a 4 x 4 size square and a glue stick.

Step one...

Fold your piece over diagonally, so the opposite corners meet. Repeat to create an X in the center.

Step two...

Bring the corners in to the center line, and crease. Do the same thing with the opposite corner. Glue the points to the center on both sides.

Step three...

Now fold over the bottom edge so that it lines up with the center. Do this on both sides. Fold the top point down about 1/2 inch and glue down.

Repeat this with your second piece of paper. Once you have finished. You will join these together in the center and glue along the center. You now have a lovely heart to hang in a sunny window to enjoy.

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